Monday, July 27, 2015

when i do nothing

yap! after having vacation, i finally back to my hometown and still have several days of my holiday. it's kinda a lazy day tho.. i don't have things to do , just stay at home , hangout with my high school friends, or make some foods. that's kinda fun tho... even sometimes my feet can't stay still at home. haha
here's some of my photos when i was in my old room. i was having nothing to do with those pict, so i thought it'e better to post them on my blog. check them out!

i woke up like this tee - segitigaid (instagram)
glittery bronze high waist - dressmeup (instagram)
smiley socks - cotton on (friends' gift) 

Friday, July 10, 2015

the green bowl beach

still can't move on from Bali, i took some of photos from green bowl beach where is such an awesome private beach. the water is so clear till we can see cute fishes in there.

 here's some of my pictures at green bowl beach. thanks to my best friend, beatrice who took these photos patiently. ( cause it always takes a long time to get a good photos..loll)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

old and black.

okay, this time i've been loving monochromes! so i wore a simple black and white look as you can see.

witch hat - hnm
mini black sling bag - pierre cardin
shoes - dr martens


hello! ya, i've been so hectic about my uni life all this time , sorry for not posting anything. i feel like i have no life because my assignments *cry. and finally this time i post some of my old photos from Bali.

 this one is my favorite! thanks to my best friend, Beatrice who took this photo.