Thursday, December 27, 2012


hello fellas,  just like I said before i'm going to post some photos, these photos are taken by very talented photographer, Motography (kezia adina and steffen josua, elvin emerson) it was fun actually. okay let's check!

i wore:
galaxy crop top - on the rock
neon pants - from my friend
lovato heels
- sacsetchaussures

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

the brown upset

hello, you know i've posted 3 posts today!, yeah maybe they are such some little christmas gifts . I am so bored today, I finally decided to continue posting some photos :p Ok. same with the last post, these photos are my old photos when I'm in my old house, by the way i miss that house, really: (

i wore:
studded detachable collar - unbranded
high waist - my mom's
white chiffon tank - unbranded
brown blazer - unbranded
blue ring - (x)s.m.l
soft pink socks - vincci
fox heels - 13th shoes 

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i told you, merry berry christmas!

first of all, 
I just stay at home and bored. but to raise my mood from this boring day,  so I wanted to post something about Christmas, yeah picture these photos is just a little of my christmas thing , it's a christmas gift from my lovely friend anyway, i really love it and it's too cute for me by the way hahaha .
but no matter what Christmas is something that can not be forgotten and passed every year, especially with the wonderful rain that characterizes the days leading up to Christmas. I think Christmas is a peaceful , we share the love for people. the love,  that is different from when we celebrate valentine for sure hahaha

i'll post some of my new looks! 

so here'e the teaser :

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