Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Into The Peak

As promised, i'll post a little reviews of my short vacay during my holiday. 
So, i went to Trawas,  it's the closest peak from the place where i live (just take one and a half hour to get there by car) that i quite often visit. Besides my hometown is crowded and hot of course, so i'd prefer to go here and freshened up myself by the air also the beautiful landscape around. 

Pardon my bare face lol..i didn't bring any make up tools because it's too much to do my make up also didn't feel to dress up well, since it was a mountainous area and it's better to wear casuals. Still, i was too lazy to packed up my make up tools cause it's not so necessary.

The air, ambience are so fresh and good whereupon we didn't require the air conditioner, just the purely fresh air and it feels so nice. Well, since my villa had such a great views so i took some photos surely.  Here it is! 

 It was almost sunset when i took these photos, and little bit cold (was about 20 degrees), so i chose sweat shirt instead of knit shirt since the weather's still tolerable. I paired it with my old boyfriend jeans that i got it from online shop which is super comfy and movable as well (and..affordable of course).

I got the time to stroll around and found such cute place nearby, of course i was too excited to take some photos and couldn't believe that the results are really great which i love the way of the sun reflected to the forest trees in every shots... scroll down to look those pretty picts!

Outfit's details :
Top - Pull & Bear
Bottom - Unnamed Brand
Sandals - Birkenstock

Anyway, on my next post, i'll post my outfit which one of my lookbook outfits got featured in JAMO Magazine July Issue 2016, Click the picture below to see what's inside and stay tune!, hope you had a great summertime xx.

JAMO MAGZ july issue 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"daisies in summer breeze"

Well, this is a continuation of my photoshoot beforehead with my gorgeous photographer friend, Kezia! 

Since it's summertime, when every day is very hot, then put away all of my thick clothes in my closets and just explore the role! As you can see, i just casually dressed up for summertime. Well..besides those pretty daisies, the terra-cotta collar are so catchy till i couldn't stand still then just stare at it so... yeah, with a daisy crop top which i got it with a cheap price (around 10 bucks..lucky me!) from Bugis.  I bought it one size bigger cause i love the way it gives me a loose-look and also be able to move around comfortably on it , and make it a cool-girl-chic look. 

 I paired it with white knee-ripped jeans which the color is perfectly matched with the daisies and make a casual look. I also got this ripped jeans from online shop that selling Bangkok's stuff with affordable price yet very worth to wear it like so many times. Since it's monochrome, so easy to pair off with any type of clothes. I finished the look off with a pair of oxford shoes and summer black hat, that will protect me from the sun. 

Here's the results of my recent photoshoot with Kezia Adina, scroll scroll scroll!

Outfit's details :

Top - unnamed brand
Jeans - unnamed brand 
Shoes - Stradivarius
Hat - unnamed brand 

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have a great day, stay tune! xx.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Nature Chillin'

Heyhey guys! so, last few weeks i went hang out with my friend and we didn't know what to do (no plan at all), finally we decided to chill out at one of the most hype cafe in town. We had such a fun time there also took some of always, because the place is awesome and cool and "instagramable"...LOL. 

At that time, i only wear clothes that are casual and simple because i felt that day was a very hot day so i decided  not to wear layered or long clothes as well. I wear a cop top and high waist and combined it with a such bold-tailed chocker which is a very popular lately and then my fave ones all the time... sandals. 

This one's kinda my favorite outfit actually, I quite often dress up like this, mainly when i'm feeling not in the mood to dressed up like another "ootd people " and so lazy to do my make up, so yeah this outfit is my answer. Just combined with some accessories like necklace, bracelets, earrings or etc so it makes me look casual,chic and simple yet still cool B-). If u guys have a long hair, just make a pony tail hairstyle then it'll give you a fresh look!
Okay, here's some of my photos which are taken by my best friend, Mellynda hehe . scroll scroll scroll! 

Outfit's details :

short - pull & bear
shoes - birkenstock
necklace - handmade
bracelets - louis vuitton

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hope u guys enjoy it, STAY TUNE <3

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

hey i'm back!

Hi guys! this time, i'll show u guys the details about my latest post on my lookbook. 
these photos has taken since last year by my awesome photographer friend, kezia! i love every single shots to the extend that i'm confused to choose which photos should i post on my blog loll

About my outfit, the concept is just to show a chic yet simple with a feminism touch, so i dressed up wearing a yellow collar top within flamingos pattern on it so it looks chic. Honestly i never bought a color full clothes before and this one was my first time to wear it, hmm i don't know sometimes i don't feel much confident with the color because it's too bright and kinda too much for me but sooner or later maybe i'll start to loving those color because it's fresh hehe i combined it with a navy blue palazzo pants to give a simple impression and of course a dark color pants so it doesn't look too much with the bright color shirt. I really love with this pants because its high waist and makes my legs a little bit longer (and taller). For the last, i wear heels to give the feminism touch,
and walla! here's the results, scroll scroll scroll down below !!

oh! this one is my fave and i use it as my Instagram's profile pict LOL!

ANYWAY, during my end of semester holiday, i did a short vacay with my family and i'll post it up really soon so stay tune guys!

Outfit's details :
top - zara
pants - zara
shoes - staccatto 

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