Tuesday, December 25, 2012

the brown upset

hello, you know i've posted 3 posts today!, yeah maybe they are such some little christmas gifts . I am so bored today, I finally decided to continue posting some photos :p Ok. same with the last post, these photos are my old photos when I'm in my old house, by the way i miss that house, really: (

i wore:
studded detachable collar - unbranded
high waist - my mom's
white chiffon tank - unbranded
brown blazer - unbranded
blue ring - (x)s.m.l
soft pink socks - vincci
fox heels - 13th shoes 

thank you for watching ,
here's the teaser of my next post :)

wait and don't forget to see check my next post ;)
keep in touch guys! :*


  1. you are so beautiful!
    and I like your pictures
    I hope you come visit my blog sometime

  2. I love this outfit the collar is amazing,