Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The 90's

     Hello fellas! i'm so sorry i've been off my blog for a year, i was so busy with my school thingy and finally! last year was an awesome year to me even i'd a little problem and thank God i can solved it. Anyway, i have done my final national exam. time flies so fast , can't believe it i'll go to the university life soon! okay, don't wanna take you so long, this time i post my latest look from my lookbook outfit. I called this look "the 90's" because i was born in 90's just it, hahah (actually i didn't have any idea ). i have a long long spare time in this summer holiday, so i decide to back to run this blog, it's better late than never right? hahaha so check it out ;)

anyway follow my ig : @chrstinalee, just to see my daily activities hahaha 

thankyou for visiting, stay tune for up next post!


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    1. sorry for this super late reply but thank you !

  2. kind of good blog

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    1. sorry for this super late reply, hahaha mine is way too far tho :(