Thursday, June 30, 2016

The comeback post : As Cold As Winter

HI GUYS!! it's been a year (almost hehe) since my last post. yeah i've been sooo busy with my school assignments and had no time to do my blog or preparing some photos etc. Being an architect student is not as easy as i thought, it was really tired yet still fun actually.  Sometimes, i was thinking that how if i just stop blogging and just focus on my study? but some of my friends told me to just continue it because they thought that it's worth it to make some connections, sharing personal daily life and inspirations with each other. So i decided to post my blog but it's not like some daily post instead of temporarily post untill my school activities less busy so i can focus to those things. Like this time i'm having holiday so i'm doing my blog as my killing time at home.

So! moving on my post, this time i post some of my throwback photos when i was having a study excursion in Hong Kong with my college friends. We stayed there for almost a week we strolled arround,shopping, ate some delicious food especially the dim sum was sooo yum! and it was winter in Hong Kong anyway! . So i just brought my warm clothes which are  very thick like sweater, knit scarf, ofc coat because i really can't stand out of the cold  (the weather is up to 10 degree..poor me). But honestly, i'd prefer to comeback to HK when it's winter, i don't know i just love the ambiance, the weather (even i was having the hard time to bear it) and the crowded doesn't make me feel stifled but i think that's because the weather was so cold which was bringing the different ambiance to us hahaha. yap! here we go happy reading!

This photos was taken at Sham Sui Po street when i was buying my sim card. My bro told me that this place has the sim cards which are cheaper than the airport has. U know, kids nowadays are really can't live without internet, like me LOL!

 So, i'm talking about my outfits that day. I was just wearing a white t shirt with a black o-collar because i thought that the weather wasn't as cold as before. Then, i combined it with boyfriend jeans so it looks casual and fresh. Last i layered it with grey coat to give a little bit chic look. For shoes, i was wearing a black kicks so it looks minimalism and more casual but still elegant, and also the kicks was perfect for my study excursion, cause i was able to walk around all day all night strolling the city comfortably. 

 this is Central shopping centre i took this photo because i was impressed with those gorgeous sky lights up there, really cool!

 Detail of my outfit :
Grey Coat - Zara
White n black o-collar t shirt - unknown brand
Boyfriend jeans - Pull &Bear 
Black Kicks - Rubi 

Candidly candid! this is my expression to show you guys how excited i was to take some good photos there! 

Anyway, let's take a look at my lookbook and give some hypes & fan to my outfit. I'll keep continue posting my outfits photos there so stay tune!
Thank you guys for reading this post, and don't forget to stay tune and also follow my instagram to see my daily feeds and activities!

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