Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jumped Into White Jumpsuits.

okay, i'll let you guys have a time to look at these photos below before i explain it. 

okay, if you one of my instagram's followers you've probably seen this photo (one above) before. Well.. yes this one is throwback hehe, pardon my "throwbacks" because i still have several post-stocks cause didn't have a time to blog and since i'm a little bit free now, i think it's too bad if i don't post 'em here. 

Pertaining to my outfit that day, i was in an occasion of wearing my off-white jumpsuit, went out with my college friends to celebrate my birthday. At that time, I just wanted to dress up simple but, still show the elegant side of me. And yeah, this jumpsuit was perfect for, as you can see i put a white thin belt that gives a peplum so i could redefine the curves (slimming effect!) and I bet every girl like this lol. 

When i saw this piece at store, i immediately fell in love with the wide-legs pants cutting, it's really fit on me, i mean it's not too wide or too long just perfectly fit and comfy. You know, it's not easy to find jumpsuits that fit me, usually i found it didn't feel comfy in the crotch area nor it's too wide. 

I finished it off with a pair two strap heels that gives me simplicity yet elegant look. These pair was my birthday present from my friends that became my favorite lately. Oh, i let my hair naturally straight, unravel because i was afraid that it'd look too old for me if i tied my hair into ponytail (and certainly look chubby). 

Scroll down to see more details ( & photos). Since i took these photos at the cafe's rooftop, which is my favorite photo spot all the time, i really love the city view from above, so that i'm too excited to show the results indeed! 

Outfit's details :

Jumpsuits - N.y.l.a
Belt - Charles & Keith
Shoes - PrettyFit

It's glad to know that i'd be featured on Jamo Magazine July Issue 2016, find me just by clicking it! 

and... Let's look up into my lookbook and hype this outfit too!
Thank you for reading, stay tune <3 

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