Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"daisies in summer breeze"

Well, this is a continuation of my photoshoot beforehead with my gorgeous photographer friend, Kezia! 

Since it's summertime, when every day is very hot, then put away all of my thick clothes in my closets and just explore the role! As you can see, i just casually dressed up for summertime. Well..besides those pretty daisies, the terra-cotta collar are so catchy till i couldn't stand still then just stare at it so... yeah, with a daisy crop top which i got it with a cheap price (around 10 bucks..lucky me!) from Bugis.  I bought it one size bigger cause i love the way it gives me a loose-look and also be able to move around comfortably on it , and make it a cool-girl-chic look. 

 I paired it with white knee-ripped jeans which the color is perfectly matched with the daisies and make a casual look. I also got this ripped jeans from online shop that selling Bangkok's stuff with affordable price yet very worth to wear it like so many times. Since it's monochrome, so easy to pair off with any type of clothes. I finished the look off with a pair of oxford shoes and summer black hat, that will protect me from the sun. 

Here's the results of my recent photoshoot with Kezia Adina, scroll scroll scroll!

Outfit's details :

Top - unnamed brand
Jeans - unnamed brand 
Shoes - Stradivarius
Hat - unnamed brand 

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