Friday, July 15, 2016

Nature Chillin'

Heyhey guys! so, last few weeks i went hang out with my friend and we didn't know what to do (no plan at all), finally we decided to chill out at one of the most hype cafe in town. We had such a fun time there also took some of always, because the place is awesome and cool and "instagramable"...LOL. 

At that time, i only wear clothes that are casual and simple because i felt that day was a very hot day so i decided  not to wear layered or long clothes as well. I wear a cop top and high waist and combined it with a such bold-tailed chocker which is a very popular lately and then my fave ones all the time... sandals. 

This one's kinda my favorite outfit actually, I quite often dress up like this, mainly when i'm feeling not in the mood to dressed up like another "ootd people " and so lazy to do my make up, so yeah this outfit is my answer. Just combined with some accessories like necklace, bracelets, earrings or etc so it makes me look casual,chic and simple yet still cool B-). If u guys have a long hair, just make a pony tail hairstyle then it'll give you a fresh look!
Okay, here's some of my photos which are taken by my best friend, Mellynda hehe . scroll scroll scroll! 

Outfit's details :

short - pull & bear
shoes - birkenstock
necklace - handmade
bracelets - louis vuitton

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hope u guys enjoy it, STAY TUNE <3

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